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As I write, the first day of 2014 is fading and the new year will quickly become just a fact along the way. The reprieve from emails and demands that the holidays permit will be a distant memory. And big data will grow bigger and bigger still and require more and more help from cool research synthesis procedures and meta-analytic statistics. That's why we are here. I am teaching a graduate seminar this spring on the subject, at the University of Connecticut, and I've asked…


Posted by Blair T. Johnson on January 1, 2014 at 4:30pm

Meta-Analysis: The Original 'Big Data'

I'm winding down after a productive sabbatical leave and of course summer's waning days. I should be working on that new course preparation (yikes, I'm teaching in a week!), but I wanted to say something about trends in recent months (and years) connected to Big Data in the media and science.

It strikes me that the original instantiation of big data is meta-analysis. Isn't it the goal of meta-analysis to pool all the relevant data into one…


Posted by Blair T. Johnson on August 19, 2013 at 8:00am

Mastering Meta-Analysis

Most of what scholars do hinges on having sufficient skill to create meaningful assessments of knowledge and the evidence base that underlies it. Meta-analysis is a skill set you can develop if you work at it with enough deliberative practice. How much deliberate practice does it take?…


Posted by Blair T. Johnson on December 30, 2012 at 4:00pm

Our Communal Collective

It's sunny as I write you from my home office in mid-September, where I work at home during my sabbatical leave. As you probably know, sabbaticals are a periodic break from the regular hum-drum of academic life in order to focus more concertedly on other goals, mainly scholarly.

Popular belief has it that "sabbatical" is just another word for "vacation," but it is not true, well at least not for me: It is true that I am teaching no courses until next fall (and trying hard not to think…


Posted by Blair T. Johnson on September 20, 2012 at 3:30pm

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Best starting points for systematic reviews and meta-analysis

A colleague asked for advice about writing a systematic review, for a team that had never written one before. Below is a refined version of my advice.First, note that these days there is a systematic review or meta-analysis available on practically…Continue

Tags: small-studies, bias, effects, reporting, standards

Started by Blair T. Johnson Jun 8, 2017.

Know Your Limitations: "Data" and "Big Data" vs. "Statistics" and "Models" and the Necessity of Good Theory

If you are reading this blog, you like numbers. Perhaps you even love them. Even if you are a dedicated qualitative researcher, I’d urge you to continue reading; this blog might be even more valuable to you. And if you are a quant geek, you might…Continue

Tags: science, data science, theory, statistics, conceptual

Started by Blair T. Johnson Sep 6, 2014.

Role of methodological quality in meta-analysis 1 Reply

For a few years now, I have been doing some work related to the methodological quality (MQ) of meta-analyses and of the studies they integrate, which have both shown an increasing presence in scientific literature. As Rob Low, Hayley MacDonald and I…Continue

Tags: methodological quality, simple slopes, interactive approach, meta-regression, OQAQ

Started by Blair T. Johnson. Last reply by Blair T. Johnson Jun 8, 2017.

Post No Bills (here unless it is about meta-analysis generally; but do so in specific items to groups)

The forum is a little like a blank wall that is irresistible: It just seems to attract comments. So, let me start with a little humor:…Continue

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Started by Blair T. Johnson Jan 5, 2014.

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