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I am a special education doctoral student who took a graduate level meta-analysis course which focused on regression-models of meta-analysis.  The professor was in a different related (Psychology) department that does not really use single-subject research design, so this was outside of his area, but I am definitely not strong in regular regression statistics...  However, I do have an in-depth understanding of single-subject as a research method.  

I'll pause here and note that I am fully aware of two things...

  1. Yes, I know that single-subject is not considered a 'strong' methodology when attempting to prove anything in most fields.  However, it is a staple in mine!
  2. Yes, I also know that the fundamental principle of single-subject research is that it is ONLY looking at that one case, and trying to run a meta-analysis on these types of studies violates at least one assumption.  However, there are arguments, both for and against, using single-subject studies in meta-analysis.

I don't want answers to get hung up on either of these two factors...  I'm not writing a publishable paper, I'm just trying to figure out how it is done!

Basically, I've done enough reading to figure out that the Standard Mean Difference is one of the better methodologies, and that is what I have adopted.  I have managed to get as far as having an an overall SMD [(Mean of intervention - Mean of baseline) / (Standard Deviation of baseline)] for each study, but I'm not sure where to go from there...  Is that the Effect Size?  And if so, what do I do with it...?

I am happy to send my Excel data, etc, I just haven't found a really good (step-by-step) resource on how to do meta-analysis using the SMD model.  (A lot of them skip basic steps and assume that you have knowledge that I clearly do not, and a lot of them are either wrong or missing steps because when I do the math using their own numbers, I get something different...)

Thank you in advance!

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