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Reporting correlation effect sizes after analysis

Hi all, I am conducting a meta-analysis using correlation coefficients as the data I have extracted. To do the analysis I have converted t…

Started by Chris Townsend

0 May 24, 2020

Model Estimators

Hi all, I have recently been analysing the results of my meta-analysis of 102 interventions and just for fun I decided to run all the anal…

Started by Ciara Keenan

0 Feb 6, 2018

minimum number of studies for conducting subgroup analysis

Dear all,I am conducting a meta-analysis on the effectiveness of an intervention on two outcomes (attitudinal and behavioral). The effect s…

Started by Kevria

0 Jul 15, 2016

Outcome clusters in CMA

Hi, I am a desperate undergraduate student who's attempting to conduct a meta-analysis. I'm using the CMA software, which is lovely, but on…

Started by David

0 Mar 28, 2016

Do ANOVA using metafor package in R

I am Ernesto, a Phd student from Bilbao working with climate related plankton dynamics. I am trying to perform a MAVIS meta-analysis to see…

Started by ernesto villarino prado

0 Dec 3, 2015


Hello Everybody:   I am new in this forum. Great that it exists. Unfortunately, the first thing I need to ask for is your advice.   Despite…

Started by Bernd Marcus

4 Sep 18, 2015
Reply by Bernd Marcus

Meta-regression: How to create one measure based on different scales

Hello,   I hope you will be able to shed some lights on an issue my postdoc and I are facing in the context of a meta-analysis we are curre…

Started by Stephane De Brito

6 Sep 15, 2015
Reply by Bernd Marcus

Analysis of cross-over trials (dichotomous outcomes)

Hi all, The Cochrane handbook doesn't say much other than consulting an statistician when it comes to analyzing dichotomous outcomes in cro…

Started by Yeshvanth JP

2 Jun 1, 2014
Reply by Yeshvanth JP

Multilevel analysis strategies for analyzing meta-analytic data

Joop J. Hox's (2010, 2nd edition) Multilevel Analysis: Techniques and Applications (see Google Books here) offers a comprehensive and conte…

Started by Blair T. Johnson

5 Dec 27, 2011
Reply by Blair T. Johnson

Bayesian vs. Frequentist Analyses

Members of this group will appreciate John Allen Paulos's review of a recent book reviewing Bayesian strategies of statistical analysis. I…

Started by Blair T. Johnson

0 Aug 8, 2011


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