Meta-Analysis Resources

Tools for Those Who Summarize the Evidence Base

Resources and networking for those who conduct or interpret meta-analyses related to any phenomenon that is gauged in multiple studies.

As its website indicates, the Society for Research Synthesis Methodology (SRSM) is an honorary society that was founded in November 2005 as an organization of scholars and practitioners interested in the development and application of research synthesis methodology.SRSM was founded as a small elective Society in order to facilitate high level research as well as intensive interaction among members. Membership is limited to 75 regular active members; procedures for new members are detailed here.

An annual meeting of SRSM is held in the summer every year. The meeting is primarily focused on presentations by members of their research, but a small number of nonmembers (graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, collaborators) may attend as guests of a member, and may occasionally present their own research if sufficient time on the schedule exists once member requests to speak have been accommodated.

Research Synthesis Methods is SRSM's official journal, which launched in 2010, and is designed to be the field's leading forum for cross-disciplinary exchange about methods related to evidence synthesis used in all fields of empirical research. The Aims and Scope of this journal, including submission instructions are in this link.

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