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I know we all search for gray literature on listservs, in dissertation databases, and through direct emails to colleagues who are engaged in the type of work we include. But, it has recently come to my attention that there are “specialty” peer-reviewed journals (mostly online ones) that publish null results. These journals don’t seem to be indexed in major databases like PsycInfo or PubMed, so I’m wondering – do you have any experience searching these journals for gray literature? Do you search them directly, and if so, which ones? Or, better yet, do you know whether there are major (or even minor) databases that index these type of online null result journals?


Any information appreciated.  

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By now, I have quite a lot of information. Sorry to say, but I found all of it by myself. I want to share one piece with you: I just read two articles by Marcia Angell published in The New York Review of Books, the first  was in the June 23 issue, 1011. One of her references was to Kirsch I. PLOS Medicine 2008; 5:e45. My next dive will go into exploration of this article: especially the methods section and the presentation of the difference between aahat is published and what is never published.


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