Meta-Analysis Resources

Tools for Those Who Summarize the Evidence Base

Resources and networking for those who conduct or interpret meta-analyses related to any phenomenon that is gauged in multiple studies.

Finding Relevant Literature Members (23)

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Blair T. Johnson

Storrs Mansfield, CT, United States

Michelle Warren

Manchester, CT, United States

Katherine Picho

Hartford, CT, United States

Jill Livingston

West Hartford, CT, United States

Adam Hafdahl

Lawrence, KS, United States

Becky Ferrer

Rockville, MD, United States

Shu Jiang

Ashford, CT, United States

Maxwell McAdams

Philadelphia, PA, United States

Tsung-yuan Hsiao

Taipei, Taiwan, Taiwan

William L. Baker

Ashford, CT, United States

Evan LeClair

Wallingford, CT, United States


Storrs Mansfield, CT, United States

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