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Methodology bibliography: Meta-analytic SEM and related topics

(I'm posting similar info about my bibliography to other groups as well.  This seems more useful than making one general post somewhere on…

Started by Adam HafdahlLatest Reply

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1 large pooled matrix or multiple smaller pooled matrices to test different models?

Hi, There are a few different path analysis models that I want to test, each model may use some of the same variables and some different va…

Started by Mei Yi Ng

2 Dec 8, 2016
Reply by Mei Yi Ng

Error code 6 for stage 1 random-effects TSSEM in metaSEM 0.9.6

Hello Mike and others; I am trying to conduct random-effects TSSEM on a dataset of 61 studies (data set, "hamed.dat", is attached), using m…

Started by Hamed Qahri Saremi

6 Oct 22, 2016
Reply by Mike Cheung

Addressing large matrices with missing information with MASEM in metaSEM

Hi Dr. Cheung and MASEM users, My apologies if I am double posting this topic as I am new to the site. Our team is currently working to con…

Started by Katherine DiVasto

4 Jul 21, 2016
Reply by Mei Yi Ng

Addressing Large Matrices with missing information in MASEM in metaSEM

Hi Dr. Cheung and MASEM users, Our team is currently working to conduct a MASEM analysis on 40 studies assessing a multiple mediator model…

Started by Katherine DiVasto

0 Jul 6, 2016

meta-analysis: relative magnitudes

Hi Mike (and MASEM users), My apologies if I have cross-posted this message - I'm new to the site.  I have tested the same path analytic mo…

Started by Elizabeth Barrett-Cheetham

1 Mar 28, 2016
Reply by Mike Cheung

MASEM on the indirect and direct effects

Hi Elizabeth,If you use Mplus, you may use a fixed-effects model whereas the TSSEM approach allows both a fixed- and random-effects models.…

Started by Mike Cheung

0 Mar 27, 2016

Missing data in correlation matrices

Good afternoon, I am consulting this discussion board in regards to an error in R when running the first stage of the TSSEM approach on a s…

Started by Jamie Quinn

1 Oct 26, 2015
Reply by Mike Cheung

Comparing Path models using tssem: Meta-analytic structural equation modeling

Hi, Srikanth. For categorical moderators, it is possible to model it with a multiple-group approach. The answer is both no and yes. "No" m…

Started by Mike Cheung

1 Sep 22, 2015
Reply by Srikanth Parameswaran

Large matrices in MetaSEM

Hi Dr. Cheung and others, I am attempting to fit a MASEM using the two-stage approach in R with metaSEM. I have 176 correlation matrices (1…

Started by Jamie Quinn

3 Sep 1, 2015
Reply by Mike Cheung

comparing heterogeneity between levels of a moderator

I have a question about comparing heterogeneity of effect sizes between different effect sizes nested under collection sites. I'm working o…

Started by Courtney Soderberg

1 Jul 15, 2015
Reply by Mike Cheung


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