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Hi Mike (and MASEM users),

My apologies if I have cross-posted this message - I'm new to the site.

 I have tested the same path analytic model across a number of studies, and now the next obvious step is to run a MASEM. However, I’m not interested in model fit as the model we test is fully saturated. I am however interested in the significance of individual direct pathways, indirect effects and total effects. Across my studies, I have also tested the relative magnitude of these various paths (using the model constraint option in MPLUS that produces a difference score: individual study syntax is attached). So I would be interested in examining these based on the pooled correlation matrix, but I’m not clear as to whether it would be best use your metaSEM package or use MPLUS. Am I correct in assuming that MPLUS can’t handle the TSSEM? If so, would your package assist me in examining direct, indirect and total effects, and be able to assess the relative magnitude (i.e., if one indirect effect is significantly stronger than another)based on pooled correlation matrices?

Thanks for your assistance,


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Hi Elizabeth,

I was not aware that you had created a discussion on this topic. Thus, I created another one at "MASEM on the indirect and direct effects."

Anyway, one additional comment is that there is only one group with raw data in your Mplus syntax. If this is the case, MASEM or meta-analysis is not relevant to your data.




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