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Meta-analysis regression (meta-regression) in Stata (and other statistics platforms)

Since about 2001, my team members and I have done almost all of our meta-analyses using Dave Wilson's macros for SAS, SPSS, or Stata. These…

Started by Blair T. JohnsonLatest Reply

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Meta -analysis of sub-groups in Stata

Hi all,  I have two question: 1. I am doing meta-analysis on prevalence of depression using metan cmd in Stata 14. I want to do some modera…

Started by Parveen Akhtar

0 Apr 5, 2020

Data entry in Comprehensive Meta-Analysis

Hello everyone, I'm a first year graduate student. I'm conducting a meta-analysis of correlational studies. In my study, I have two outcome…

Started by Nithya

0 Jul 27, 2019

MA of rare events

What software or methodology do you recommend in performing meta-analysis of studies with rare events. I am assessing 30 RCTs with most stu…

Started by Atsushi Sakuraba

0 Feb 6, 2017

DSTAT 1.x (legacy version)

Although technically out of print, DSTAT 1.x exists in two main versions: Johnson, B. T. (1993). DSTAT 1.10: Software for the meta-analyti…

Started by Blair T. Johnson

11 Oct 18, 2015
Reply by mark chu

Help with graphing effect sizes with confidence intervals

Hi, I need to plot multiple RRs and CIs in groups similar to how it is shown on this page:

Started by Yeshvanth JP

0 Nov 12, 2014

Wilson meanes macro including I2

I do not use it much, but here is a version of Wilson's  meanes macro that includes correct calculation of I2 as a routine part of its outp…

Started by Blair T. Johnson

0 Apr 2, 2014

Online software

You might also want to check out a new online tool at The analyses are still not as powerful as some of the STATA…

Started by Samuel Birk

1 Mar 31, 2014
Reply by Salil Deo

Options for creating forest plots

Hi folks- I am trying to make a forest plot with 90 effect sizes and I don't think Comprehensive Meta-Analysis is going to be my best opti…

Started by Seth M. Noar

1 Mar 13, 2014
Reply by Blair T. Johnson

Methodology bibliography: Software and related topics

(I'm posting similar info about my bibliography to other groups as well.  This seems more useful than making one general post somewhere on…

Started by Adam Hafdahl

0 Nov 6, 2012

MIX for Meta-Analysis

MIX 2.0 has been released and received 5 stars in a review on CNET. (MIX=Meta-analysis In eXcel.) If you are fond of MS Excel applications,…

Started by Blair T. Johnson

1 Jul 16, 2012
Reply by ramesh athe


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