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I am designing a meta-analysis of CBT-based programs for people with low self-esteem.  I have a few questions about the design and any help would be greatly appreciated.  First, I have identified 19 studies that use self-esteem outcome measures, many of whom use a single-case design using pre and post-test scores.  I understand that calculating effect sizes is different for independent and dependent groups, but the studies do not list the paired-measure correlations.  Would it still be appropriate to calculate d using the independent measures equation?  My understanding is that the leads to less precision and a wider confidence interval.

Also. 3 studies list self-esteem outcome results for subgroups (Depressed vs. Non-depressed; depressed vs anxious; one intervention and another).  I understand that the number of studies (k) is a variable used to calculate a random-effects meta-analysis, so I was wondering if it would be best to combine the means and s.d. for each study rather than list the groups separately.  Ideally, I would rather list the 6 different groups independently, but that will result in a misleadingly higher k.



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