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What's a Lubricant Expected To Do? • Reduce Friction. • Minimize Wear. • Cool Parts. • Prevent Corrosion. • Disperse Contaminants. • New to the world of lubricants? Here's more about rheology than you ever wanted to know. 6 The basics of viscosity index. There are many factors to calculating Only friction present in a hydrodynamic lubrication system is the friction of the lubricant itself, it would make sense to have a less viscous fluid in order to minimize Lubrication, whether with a lubricating oil or grease, focuses on the same key principle: building an oil film between two mating surfaces that move relative to each Chapter 1: Lubrication Fundamentals . Lubricant Selection and Specifications . Lubricant-related Causes of Engine Malfunction . In fluid-film lubrication, the physical properties of the lubricant, such as viscosity, pressure–viscosity, and traction, determine the performance of the lubricated. Functionality of lubricants is defined by their chemical structure and their physical properties. Basics of lubrication are covered by organic chemistry to a major friction, wear, and lubrication. Tribology is defined as. "the science and technology of interacting surfaces moving relative to each other and associated practical.Unfortunately for those of us primarily involved with industrial applications, automotive lubricants are at about 50% of the total lubricants market, and engine oils Feb 7, 2018 -

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