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Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is a specialised therapy which encourages the natural process of the lymphatic vessels and can boost your energy levels. As the lymphatic system lies only just beneath the skins surface, MLD therapy is a gentle, flowing and deeply relaxing treatment. Manual lymph drainage encourages and improves resorption without increasing filtration. The results also demonstrated that the application of self-performed lymphatic drainage by controls was insufficient to restore the balance of lymph circulation in the lymphedema arm in the majority of them. Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage er, say that again? This treatment is a gentle type of massage, and is used to drain excess fluid from The method used in manual lymphatic massage is to make the blood flow around the body much better. Drain away the bad and get the good flowing. Manual lymphatic drainage, is a specialized type of massage technique often used to help treat lymphedema. It involves gentle massage techniques, which help promote fluid drainage from the swollen limb. When it is performed on a regular basis, it may also help prevent fluid accumulation from Manual lymph drainage and complete decongestive therapy can be successfully applied, particularly with the following diagnoses Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD), performed by a trained therapist, utilizes gentle massage to stimulate proximal lymphatic flow. Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is often implemented to help alleviate excess fluid and help the healing process by decreasing bruising and swelling, increasing comfort. A properly trained therapist uses MLD or compression bandaging to alleviate lymphedema related to lymph removal. What is lymphatic drainage? Your lymphatic system helps eliminate your body's waste. If you've ever had a surgery on or involving your lymph nodes, your doctor may have suggested lymphatic drainage massage performed by a certified massage or physical therapist. Lymphatic Drainage Therapy. A physical therapy technique to enhance the immune system and encourage healing post-surgery. This is a light touch massage therapy with many benefits for other health conditions. Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is a type of gentle massage intended to encourage natural drainage of the lymph, which carries waste products away from the tissues back toward the heart. Who Can Benefit from MLD? Lymph massage with a SPEAR Massage Therapist can benefit just about Lymphatic drainage is a gentle form of massage that stimulates the lymphatic system to promote the removal of bodily toxins and waste and encourages a healthy immune system. It is made up of lymphatic vessels that carry lymph a clear, watery fluid that contains nutrients - throughout the body. Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) is a safe, effective technique that utilizes slow, rhythmic strokes to increase lymphatic flow. The gentle movements stimulate the lymph vessels to contract, which allows more waste products, proteins and excess fluid to be removed from the body's tissues and into the INTRODUCTION Manual lymphatic drainage is little known in Brazil even by. angiologists and vascular surgeons; consequently it is almost never performed. Few clinicians are interested in the treatment of lymphedema, thus leaving patients without adequate treatment of this condition. INTRODUCTION Manual lymphatic drainage is little known in Brazil even by. angiologists and vascular surgeons; consequently it is almost never


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