Meta-Analysis Resources

Tools for Those Who Summarize the Evidence Base

Resources and networking for those who conduct or interpret meta-analyses related to any phenomenon that is gauged in multiple studies.

All Members (500)

Ye Sun

Salt Lake City, UT, United States

Elliott Larson

Astoria, NY, United States

So Yoon Yoon

College Station, TX, United States

Maritza Dowling

Middleton, WI, United States

William D. Ellison

San Antonio, TX, United States

Peggy Kern

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Ciara Keenan

Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Yina Xu

Toronto, Canada

jaume march

Els Arcs, Andorra

Shu Jiang

Ashford, CT, United States

Touko Kuusi

Helsinki, Finland

Larry C. Lyons

Manassas, VA, United States

Guanglin Liu

Zigong City, Sichuan Province,…

Shin, In-Soo

Jeonju, Korea, Republic of


Philadelphia, PA, United States

Resham Thapa

College Park, MD, United States

Jehan Sparks

Davis, CA, United States

Ricki Kleinman

Chicago, IL, United States

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