Meta-Analysis Resources

Tools for Those Who Summarize the Evidence Base

Resources and networking for those who conduct or interpret meta-analyses related to any phenomenon that is gauged in multiple studies.

Post No Bills (here unless it is about meta-analysis generally; but do so in specific items to groups)

The forum is a little like a blank wall that is irresistible: It just seems to attract comments. So, let me start with a little humor:

You'll recognize that a graffiti artist actually "posted" images of four famous contemporary Bills in American culture, despite the warning to post nothing. Very funny, and much more enjoyable than a blank wall with a warning to post nothing.

Seriously, despite my recent blog post, I continue to see members trying to post items to the forum that are better suited for specific groups dedicated to a topic. Don't get me wrong: Members of this site are posting legitimate questions and queries. I moderate the posts to make sure there is no graffiti. It's just the posts here have tended to be specific items rather than something about the general meta-analytic enterprise per se, which is what a forum should feature. Therefore, specific questions and technical issues are better suited as posts for the groups. Perhaps some posts there can become forum posts one day, but they should first see attention in a group specialized for the problem.

You can see all the groups by click. ing on this link (or the "Groups" button above).

As I said in my blog post, the site will work better if people join groups that interest them and post queries and comments to those groups. Please do so. And post no bills! :-)

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